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I knew this was going to happen. Deciding to start blogging again at the busiest time of my life was probably one of my better decisions. A single mom working full time and going to school as well as working small jobs on the side...great job, Sharaya. You'll all just have to forgive the random spurts of posts this blog will ever see. But I'll try my best.

So parenting is fun! Oh sorry, you can't read my sarcasm. But trust me, it's there. See, I grew up with a little sister who was the most dramatic thing that has ever been produced on this green earth. And as the most easy-going kid in the world, it bothered me. Like, a lot. We didn't really become friends until we were older and especially after I moved out of the house. And then a few years later I had a kid and lo and behold, it's a little hell-raiser just like my sister. It's been quite a challenge becoming the mother this girl needs. She's extremely intelligent and gifted but her emotions are through the roof. It's hard to keep up sometimes. I can't imagine what the teenage years will be like but I know for sure my bar will be fully stocked.

And although our personalities clash and she can really test me sometimes, being her mama is really the best. My favorite parts of our life are when we do things just the two of us. After I became a single mother, I planned so many adventures for us. I guess I was trying to replace all the horrible memories with good ones. She's a shy girl and new things make her really nervous but she's always down for an adventure with me. Our favorite thing to do is to be tourists in our own city. But our biggest adventure so far has been our trip back east this past winter. My sister moved to PA a year ago and so we went and spent Christmas in NYC with her, a dream I've always had. We did it Home Alone style where we stayed in a fancy hotel and ate New York pizza while watching Christmas movies. It was the best Christmas I've ever had. We have more adventures planned for this summer and I can't wait.

Allison being a goof at Time Square

I'll work on writing more on this blog with super cool and interesting things to say. Or I won't. Your guess is as good as mine. But I promise I'll at least think about this blog and all the writing I'm not doing. Can't that be enough??

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  1. It's fun to read this now, knowing you've taken bigger adventures and the good memories just keep rolling in.