a hideous shirt and a new perspective

1:16 PM

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. And as I've gotten older, my eyes have opened to the endless amount of avenues in which I can explore that. My grandma had a friend who was a professional artist and she would give me lessons in elementary school on how to draw and I fell in love with illustrating. In the third grade, I fell in love with writing and my teacher would let me read books I had written to the class (my favorite one was about a girl who discovered a tiny alien and carried it around in her pocket - still have the copy of that one). I was homeschooled for 6th and 7th grade and my mom and sisters and I would go out on adventures and I fell in love with photography. I was given an easel in high school and fell in love with painting with oil and acrylics. In the past few years I've fallen in love with fashion and interior design. 

After I dropped out of art school, I worked at a few different photography studios and eventually started my own photography business. Quickly, I learned that that was not the avenue I wanted to go down. I don't like making art as a means of income. I absolutely love photography, but when your ability to pay rent lies in your ability to sell your art, it really adds on the pressure and for me, takes out the fun.

Allison has always loved art as well. I have a bin in my closet that's filled with art projects and drawings she's done over the years. But one way she's been expressing herself lately is through fashion. She's now at the age where she has a lot to say about the clothes she wears and my opinion is being pushed out. I'll be honest, this is really hard for me. We were shopping the other day when she spotted a shirt she really wanted. Like, REALLY wanted. To me, it was hideous. And  almost immediately, I said no. I'm not really sure why I said no - I've just been used to having full reign over her closet and I'm sorry, but that shirt was NOT the look I was going for. But what threw me off was when Allison started crying. And it wasn't the cry of a spoiled brat who wasn't getting her way, it was the silent cry of a little girl who wasn't being able to express herself. So I had to check myself. And we got the shirt.

The amazing thing about being an artist is that there's no right way to do it. Being an artist means you see the world differently than others do and you want to visually show your individual perspective. I will never stop being an artist but I can guarantee you it will look different every day of my life.

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  1. "When your ability to pay rent lies in your ability to sell your art..." that is a great way to put it! You truly are gifted in the arts! (And I'm glad Allie got her shirt!)

  2. You gotta show a picture of the shirt

    1. Totally meant to take one yesterday. Whoops.