international women’s day

8:55 PM

Allison and I were eating dinner the other night when she suddenly declared “I like being a girl!” Part of me filled with pride, while the other part filled with dread. I dread the day when she discovers how difficult it can be being a girl. The injustices, prejudice, and sexism. I dread the times she’ll get mistreated in relationships, in the workplace, and by our own government.

But with it being International Women’s Day and all, I can’t help but notice that a lot has changed since this time last year. Our President has brought a lot of negative and hateful rhedoric since entering office and I was worried that he was going to be influencing young boys - boys my daughter’s age - and making them believe they can get away with treating girls - like my daughter - just like he’s treated women. But instead, we’ve seen a completely different shift in this country. Women from all different walks of life have stood up and declared the end of an era of men in power getting away with cruel and sinister behavior. Sometimes it takes a terrible circumstance to bring people together. Like collectively hating on a teacher in grade school or your boss in the workplace. You suddenly band together with those you thought you’d never connect with. You may be very different people but fighting for a greater cause can ignite a fire in a diverse group. Just like James Buchanan’s inaction - and often viewed as approval - towards slavery (that’s me - I view it as approval. Inaction is approval. Ok moving on...) brought about the civil war and long awaited reform, I see the same thing happening today regarding equality among the sexes. And the strength I see in the generation coming up is inspiring and hopeful. I won’t need to be filled with dread when I think about my daughter’s future as I had been before.

If it takes one horrible man to bring about 100 incredible women, bring him forward. We can take him. We have for this long.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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