au revoir mon amour

3:21 PM

Our last day in Paris was bittersweet. We found our home in that city and never wanted to leave but we were so grateful for the memories we had made.

Allison and I went to the Arc de Triomphe that morning as well as the Palais Royal before meeting up with our friends for the last time.

In this photo, Allie's playing Would You Rather with me. The majority of her questions have to do with disgusting bodily functions. Of course.

We went to the Cafe de la Chats on our second day in Paris and decided to go back with our friends. A cafe where you can play with a bunch of cats is Allie's kind of place. It's in the Bastille neighborhood.

We ended our night by going back to the industrial fan in front of Moulin Rouge (Allie's other favorite part of Paris) and then getting some ice cream. But if I'm being honest, that's how we ended almost EVERY night in Paris.

I had heard so many horror stories from people who had gone to Paris and had a lousy experience. I was told the locals would give you the cold shoulder, the crowds were too much, the metro was super confusing, etc. But thankfully, we didn't experience any of that. I had crammed a few weeks before the trip to try and learn as much french as I could and was able to get by quite well. And those I would ask to help me were always so courteous. As for the crowds - unless we were using the metro during rush hour, there were hardly any crowds wherever we went! It was great! 

I had never had a huge desire to visit Paris because I felt like it was such a tourist spot and it was just so overdone but I am so happy we added it to our itinerary and we're already looking forward to going back someday. Au revoir Paris!

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  1. Loved this! Your pictures are breathtaking!

  2. Am I just noticing for the first time that she got herself in your glasses in the Arc de Triomphe shot??