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Just returned from one of the most fun girls trips ever. 4 days in New Orleans during the fall - Halloween weekend to be precise - was an amazing idea.

I walk off my plane and see Diana standing there waiting for me and everything just falls back into place. The Anderson sisters are back together again and ready to make some memories. We checked into our hotel, a super chic place right on the St. Charles street car line. We get settled in and glam up for our big night out. There are so many great spots nearby to grab a bite to eat and like the true Americans we are, we head to Tacos and Beer. To be fair, they DID have amazing fish tacos.

There are so many ways to travel around New Orleans whether that be by bus or street car or uber or bike. I hadn't been on a bike in years but it was a beautiful day and we had the time so we decided to rent some bikes and make our way to City Park. We ended up back-tracking and taking so many detours that it took us almost 2 hours to go just 6 miles. We even had to walk our bikes on a freeway overpass at one point. But we made it!

The whole reason we were down in Louisiana in the first place was to see our favorite band, Mumford and Sons, perform at the VOODOO festival. We saw them in 2015 in Walla Walla at the Gentlemen of the Road stopover and then in 2016 at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY. We were pretty far from the stage for both of those performances but this time, we managed to get all the way to the front barrier! We had such a great view and even met a sweet girl with bright purple hair who was seeing the band for the very first time. It was a great night.

I went on this ride twice and loved it. I felt like I was being rocked to sleep.

Waiting for the boys to come out!

They put on an amazing show just like they always do. It's crazy seeing how the crowds have grown since the first time we saw them. 

The next day, we decided to not go to the festival (our favorite artist of that day had cancelled) and so we spent our time exploring NOLA instead. We're SO glad we did, too. We first went down to the French Quarter, did some shopping, watched some street performers, and ate at the famous Cafe du Monde. I'd take an authentic New Orleans beignet over any other type of dessert in the world. They're heaven.

We also spent some time on Bourbon street before it got too crazy once the sun went down. Everyone down there goes full out for Halloween and it was so much fun.

We then took the street car up to the Garden District and wandered around looking at the most beautiful houses in town. And some of them really decked out for Halloween, too!

Our concierge had told us about the amazing jazz music we could hear on Frenchman street so we headed that way for dinner. The first restaurant we walked by had jazz music playing and an amazing looking menu so we grabbed a table outside right next to a group who was speaking french and we listened to the band (and the french conversation) in the warm Louisiana heat. 

Earlier in the day, we had stopped by this little shop off Bourbon Street who did tarot card readings. I had always wanted to do one for fun so we sat on the back patio with a lady who read my future from a deck of cards (she only read for me and got everything 100% wrong but it all checked out for Diana lol). We ended up getting a little business card that told us to come back later that night to a secret speakeasy around the corner that was in the back of a jazz club. When we did, we told one of the bartenders the secret password and she took us to a back door that read "employees only." She closed the door behind us and we walked up a staircase which led us to a big white door. We turned the key and entered this quiet, dimly lit room filled with velvet furniture and 3 middle aged witches. Frank Sinatra played over a speaker and they told us to take a seat at their bar. After ordering drinks, we went out to their balcony that looked over Bourbon Street. It was now filled with hundreds of grown adults in ridiculous Halloween costumes, drunkenly stumbling as they passed by. We felt so cool being on the balcony of a secret speakeasy watching everyone below. It was a great way to end our night.

We went back to the festival for our last day to see a few more bands. The plan was to see Judah and the Lion, Modest Mouse, and Arctic Monkeys but we didn't plan our time very well and didn't get to the park until Judah and the Lion was playing. So we just listened to them while we wandered the beautiful park grounds for a while. Diana was always my subject in my high school and college photography classes and so one of our favorite pastimes is doing little photo shoots whenever we get together. And this time was no different.

We were thankfully able to catch the Arctic Monkeys live and they were great. Neither of us had seen them in person before and after they played a few hits, we decided to beat the crowd and left early. 

I'm so grateful for this trip. It was a great way to recharge and get some good sister bonding. Till the next one!

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  1. Every part of this trip was such a blast! Even the burnt pizza and Kardashian binges :D