happy christmas

12:24 PM

Over the past several years, I’ve enjoyed creating unique Christmas memories with Allison. We spent one Christmas at Disneyland (never again, though - those crowds!!!) and another Christmas in New York City (the crowds were insane there, too, but it was worth it). This year was no different. We packed up both my parents’ cars and drove 4 hours east to Lake Chelan. We stayed in a cozy condo alongside the lake where a spectacular view of snowy mountains stood right outside our windows.

We watched Christmas movies, played card games, listened to Christmas records, and relaxed in their outdoor hot tub. They have a cute little town adorned with cozy Christmas shops and a one-screen movie theater where we got to see the new Mary Poppins movie.

Diana and I got to go to Christmas trivia at a local pub on our second night. We joined up with an older guy who immediately told us he was actually Jewish and that we would probably be more help to him than the other way around. And we did pretty well! But ended up coming in 5th place (out of about 20+ teams) and now I'll forever know that Batman Returns is considered a Christmas movie. Who knew.

It only snowed in Chelan once in a matter of 4 days so on Christmas Eve, we drove over to Leavenworth to try our hand at skiing. None of us had ever been and I was so excited to go. Being the thrill seeker I am, I was originally planning to do downhill skiing while everyone else was going to do cross country. But they didn’t have any available lessons that day plus no downhill ski equipment so cross country skiing it was. At first, Allison and I did some innertubing while the rest of the family watched from the lodge. It was so much fun and Allie loved it more than I thought she would. After that, we headed to Icicle River to ski.

Learning to ski without an instructor wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. For some, however...

Allie took to it very well - so much better than I had ever hoped actually! I’m so excited to go again.
After skiing, we spent some time in the adorable kitschy town of Leavenworth, got some dinner, did some window shopping, and then headed back to our condo in Chelan.

We spent Christmas morning opening presents and watching old home movies. It was my turn to cook dinner so I made meatballs and gravy over mashed potatoes with Caesar salad and garlic bread. My ultimate favorite comfort food. The next day, we packed up and headed home.

I’ve never been very adamant on keeping tight to holiday traditions. I love making new memories with Allison - whatever that looks like. We find holiday light displays every year but it’s different each time. One year we went to the Christmas light festival in Warm Beach, one year we did Zoolights at Woodland Park Zoo, one year we did the Holiday light show in Shady Brook in Pennsylvania, and this year we went to Evergreen Church in Bothell and looked at their huge light display. Sometimes we build gingerbread houses, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we go see a Christmas play, or a holiday parade, or a Christmas church service. Or sometimes we don’t. Doing the same thing every year has never been as important to me as who I’m doing it with. (Cue the awwww's)

Happy New Year!

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  1. Okay so next year you’re staying in WA for Christmas but next NEXT year let’s do Munich and Bavaria!!

  2. Or Norway so we can swim with Orcas and see reindeer!

  3. Gosh this year was SO much fun! Dad and I are planning our next trip... probably to CA during the summer for my 40th reunion.