when life reflects art (pt.1)

9:49 PM

        Before Allison and I went to Europe, I would constantly research photos and paintings of the places we were going to go visit. One of my favorite parts about traveling is seeing the places that we have only seen in movies or pictures but up close and personal. It's all so surreal that we actually got to go to all those different places and see so many famous monuments and buildings with our very own eyes, I think seeing the pictures side-by-side helps me remember that it actually happened. Because some days I honestly question if it did.

Eiffel Tower 1800s/2018 

Maison Rose cafe
 Artist: Jeff Smith

Notre Dame Cathedral
Artist: Jeff Smietanka 

Le Consulat cafe in Montmartre
 Artist: Valerie Curtiss

Sacre Coeur
 Artist: Dylan Shearsby

Moulin Rouge
 Artist: Antoine Blanchard

Notre Dame Cathedral 
Artist: Andrevoyy

View from Notre Dame 
Artist: Mona Edulesco

Jardin du Luxembourg 
Artist: Christophe Civeton

Jardin du Luxembourg 
Artist: Harold Altman

Arc de Triomphe 
Artist: Eugene Galien-Laloue

The Louvre
Artist: Marion Rivolier

The Seine River 
Artist: Frank Myers Boggs

Eiffel Tower


Palais Garnier
This opera house was in one of Allison's favorite movies at the time, Leap!

 Allison sitting on the same couch as Queen Bey (inside the Louvre)

Ernest Hemingway and Allie in front of Shakespeare & Co. 

Le Moulin de la Galette by Renoir
I've had this painting hanging in my dining room and I recently found out it's supposed to be in Montmartre - one of our favorite areas in the city
(We actually visited a small cafe right down the street called La Galette des Moulins)

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  1. well this makes me wanna watch Midnight in Paris again! & the way you paired the second photos of the Eiffel tower is gorgeous!!

  2. I love the way you went to the same places to catch a current photo. Sharaya these are amazing!